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Covid-19 Policy
We are working towards reopening Harpers on Saturday, 4th of July, however we are waiting for the government to confirm this date.
I want to reassure clients that a very high level of hygiene will be in force at Harpers.

- PPE will be worn by all members of staff.
- Clients will need to wear masks sanitise hands before and after entering the salon.
- All equipment where possible will be disposable i.e. towels gowns all other equipment will be sanitised after every use.
- No drinks or magazines will be available. Only water in disposable cups.
- Coat stand and toilet facilities will not be available.
- Only one person can enter the salon at one time.
- Anybody needing assistance at this time, we will be unable to assist you.
- Under 16s will not be able to enter the salon until further notice due to their health and safety.

Appointments will only be made by phone, the phone will NOT always be answered during the working day, so please leave your name and number and a member of staff, will return your call. On every appointment you will be asked your phone number this is due to a track and trace system, that we need to have in place.

There will be a COVID -19 surcharge of £3, this is to help towards the cost of all the PPE, this charge will be removed when PPE is no longer required.

IMPORTANT - If you or anyone in your household has any recognised symptoms of COVID-19 you will need to cancel your hair appointment and reschedule after 14 days after having NO symptoms. If you come down with coronavirus symptoms after visiting Harpers you must inform us straight away. This is for the safety of yourself and my members of staff.
Staff will be divided into two teams, this is to help with having less people in the salon and adhere to the two meter social distancing rules. One team will be led by Louise with Linda and Caroline. The other will be led by Claire with Ann and Charlie. We will be open seven days a week.

Please wait outside until you're invited into the salon, please sanitise your hands, a pack will be given to you, with a mask and a disposable gown. Payment by card only, contactless where available. If wanting to pay by cash please put your name and phone number and the amount in a sealed envelope. If you want to leave a tip please put in a sealed envelope. We are unable to touch any money or coins during the working day. We are unable to use your own products that you bring into the salon.

Please see our Temporary opening times here
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